Best courses after 12th & Career after 12

Posted on August 18th, 2019

Best courses after 12th & Career after 12

Best courses after 12th & Career after 12


Career is a very important step towards our future. Everyone has the right to choose their path and achieve their dreams and goals. The only thing can reach our goals is choosing the right career or path. Nowadays there is no age limit to education ; there is no limit to learn. Even the 90 years old women can learn a new language and explore much. Choosing streams (Science, Commerce, Arts) Is the base of choosing the right path to success. Rather than Commerce and Arts, Science stream has lot of options and we get to overcome lot of opportunities.

Best courses after 12th & Career after 12

 The ten best career options For science are : – Best courses after 12th 

  1. Medical
  2. Engineering
  3. Architechture
  4. Designing courses
  5. Defence (Navy, Army, Air force)
  6. Hotel Management
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Microbiology
  9. Food Technology
  10. Geology and also much more…


In medical also there are a lot of options and we can take degree in any of the above options like
MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery),
BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery),
BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery),
BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic science),
B.VSc AH (Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal husbandry)
Pharm (Bachelor of pharmacy) Paramedical courses and lot more.

In engineering also, There are a lot of options like aeronautical, naval, electrical, mechanical, civil, computer, automobile, marine, software, etc.

Architecture has options like landscape architecture, interior designing, urban planning, environmental planning and lot more as it is the 5 year degree program in which after 5 years B.Arch degree is persuade. In designing courses, Fashion designing, graphic designing,

Check 30 Best courses after 12th & Career after 12 Science & Arts

animations, art director, User experience (UX) Designing and much more…5. In army, it depends on our wish and happiness whether we want to be a part of it to serve our nation and save our motherland.Those who want to be in army should have passion about it ; to serve the motherland and to protect the nation from the hands of terrorists.

Navy also includes Merchant Navy which is like they have 3 months holiday and 9 months duty. If anyone pursues career in Air force also it is also the best thing as they follow passion.

If anyone can cook well and have passion about cooking or they love about cooking then Hotel management is the best way. The biggest advantage that sciencestream studentshas over non-science students is that they are eligible for science as well as non-science streams – a privilege not available to students from commerce and humanities streams. Entrance exams are held for MBBS/BDS programs in various medical colleges across India. Some of the important MBBS entrance exams are AIPMT, JIPMER and AIIMS.


Check 30 Best courses after 12th & Career after 12 Science & Arts


his is a professional course and it prepares students for the pharmaceutical industry.

B.Sc (Hons):

If you are deeply interested in pursuing a career in academics or research, B.Sc
(Hons) in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Zoology or Botany will help you do just that.

You can further your prospects by doing a masters degree and then moving on to research and working as a junior research fellow in any reputed research institute. You can also pursue a career as a lecturer in any university or get jobs in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, or in government organizations like ONGC.




If you have a great imagination, ability to visualize things and good at drawing, a science pursue a course in architecture. For admission to most architectural colleges, the eligibility is 50 percent marks in HSC or equivalent, with physics, chemistry, and maths as compulsory subjects but you need to clear the entrance exam such as JEE Main (AIEEE) and NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture.)Botany: If you are interested in studying what and how of plants, Botany is the course for you. You can also pursue MSc in Microbiology and then go for a doctorate.

Management Careers

The most sought after career is an MBA, one of the top-paying careers today. And if you’re a student from a top institution such as the Indian Institutes of Management, easily expect Rs 7.5- 8lac per annum as a fresher.

Armed Forces Careers:

Do you love your country and are patriotic enough to devote your entire life in the service of the nation, then this is the career for you.

Designing Careers:

If you are creative, love playing with colours, shapes, and paintings then careers in designing is a good option. You can dabble in fashion designing, gemmology or Graphic designing.

Salary for doctors differs by their profession but this profession is the highly payable profession. Also for engineers, Salary depends on what kind of engineer one needs to be but most probably their salary is 80k – 90k. An Architect also has a good salary and a designer is a designer itself so the salary of a designer depends on their creativity. The top colleges for engineering are BharatiVidya Bhavan, Sardar Patel college, K.J. Somaiya College, Thakur college of engineering, engineering college of Pune, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, etc. The top colleges for medical are D.Y.Patil Medical college, Rural Medical College, MGM medical college, Armed forces medical college, etc. The most important colleges for science are Rizvi college, Pace college, KJ Somaiya College, DG Ruparel College, Mithibai college and many more.

Lastly, rather than this 10 options, there are a lot of options and opportunities open for science students:


BDS refers to the course named Bachelor’s in Dental surgery and this course is of 3 to 5 years and the one who completes the degree of BDS is a DENTIST.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy:

It is the 4 and half year course which is also known as BPT.It

B.Sc. Nursing:

It is the four-year undergraduate nursing course and passionate people can do best in it.

B.Sc. Dairy Technology:

This course deals with the study of milk and milk products and many of them can pursue a degree in dairy technology also.

B.Sc. Home Science:

Home Science or Home economics deals with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, etc.

BMLT (Medical Lab Technology):

It is the 3-year undergraduate course and the salary is 4 lakh to 10 lakh per annum.

LLB (Bachelor of Law):

It is the 3 years degree and we can become the lawyer after pursuing it and after much if study we can also be a judge in the court

Education/ Teaching:

It’s about teacher courses. We can become a primary teacher secondary teacher or a college professor by studying higher like achieving the degree of D.ED and B.Ed too

Travel & Tourism Courses:

Travel and tourism graduates gain knowledge about products, structures, and operations within the tourism industry, learning about tour operators, airlines, hotels and tourist boards.

Environmental Science:

It integrates physical, biological and information sciences to study the environment.


Fashion Technology:

Fashion Tech is a technology that enables a fashion experience when you wear it or interact with it.


Media/ Journalism Courses:

It is a full time 18-month post-graduate program with a job. The course is only taught by senior journalists.


Film/ Television Courses:

This is also the best option who wants to make their career in acting and they had dreamt of.



It is also known as Bachelor of design. In which your creative skills are more important than anything because here everything is based on creativity.


Diploma courses after 12th Science & Best courses after 12th 


Diploma in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing:

Those who are passionate and they are sure that they want to pursue a career in this they can make anything possible here.

Foreign language courses:

Here, we can learn a lot of foreign languages and nowadays they are also paid the highest as a translator.

Fashion Designing – DFD:

It is all about creativity and passion about things. Because fashion designer is always paid based on his/her creativity.

Dress Designing – DDD:

It is all about creativity and passion about things. Because the dress designer is always paid based on his/her creativity.

Drawing and Painting:

In this can pursue a degree in a commercial artist or plain artist kindly any.

Cutting and Tailoring:

In this, our own tailoring shop can make a very good business if we have creativity.

 Information Technology:

IT comprises telecommunications and computers for obtaining, processing, storing and communicating information in various forms to different persons and places.


Application Software Development – DASD:

It is all about applications and in today’s world of smartphones and social media; this is the best one can make a career in.

Textile Designing – DTD:

It is all about creativity and passion about things. Because the textile designer is always paid based on his/her creativity.

Film Arts & A/V Editing:

Digital video editors often have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in animation or media arts

Mass Media and Creative Writing:

we can do a diploma and degree both in this course like BA and BA (Hons)

Air Hostess:

Air hostess is also an awesome career because we get to travel the country or world and for that Frankfinn Institute is the best one.

Air Crew:

Air crew members are employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

Event Management:

It involves planning of shows, festivals, etc on a large scale and it is a short term course.

Jobs: Once you complete your graduation or degree, you will have a wide range of job opportunity.

That’s not it, you are now eligible to get in the government sector. By the nature of the course what you have done you can choose your job sectors.

Due to the growing industrialization in India, the employment options are also increasing thus are the job openings.

You can be a healthcare professional.


You can be a job creator


You can be an engineer.


You can be a creator or business professional or scientist or teacher etc.


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