CA Inter Exam Pattern 2021 & CA Intermediate Syllabus 2021

Posted on January 5th, 2021

CA Inter Exam Pattern 2021 & CA Intermediate Syllabus

CA Intermediate Exam Pattern 2021 , Course Syllabus, And Preparation Tips

CA Inter Exam Pattern 2021 : CA Intermediate is the second level of Chartered Accountancy test in India. It has eight subjects and more than 7000 pages of study material that an understudy is required to cover in the nine months study period distributed to them. The gathering framework is the thing that makes this test considerably more troublesome, as a gathering comprises of four subjects, and a competitor needs to pass each of the four papers to clear the gathering.

Inability to pass in one subject quickly brings about the disappointment of the whole gathering, which would imply that the understudy falls flat in the subjects in which he has passed. It is to be noticed that the normal leaving rate behind to the year 2020 has been 16.76% just, which implies just 16 out of each 100 understudies showing up for the test figure out how to pass it. That being stated, the most un-passing rate was only 8.88% in the endeavor of November 2018 Chartered Accountancy Course in India. Understudies in the wake of clearing the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) or CA Foundation Course become qualified to enroll for the CA Intermediate. On the other hand, graduates, postgraduates or understudies having equal degrees can directly get enrolled for the CA Intermediate exam without appearing for the passage level tests.


CA Intermediate Exam May 2021

Exam mode Pen and paper-based examination
Types of question Objective and subjective
Medium of exam English and Hindi
Total no. of papers 8 papers
No. of marks 800 marks (100 marks each per paper)
Negative marking No negative marking
Conducting Body ICA


CA Intermediate Syllabus New Course Updates 2021

ICAI has made changes in the CA transitional prospectus for May 2021 test. ICAI has added some new themes and diminished some old points from the ICAI prospectus. Given below are some of the modifications in the CA transitional Syllabus done by ICAI for May 2021 assessment.

Addition of Topics in the CA Inter Syllabus 2021

All the updates which are made by the ICAI for the May 2021 test are mentioned below:

  1. Accounting subjects of paper 1 has been shifted to paper 5 progressed bookkeeping.
  2. ICAI has added disintegration of Partnership firms including piecemeal dispersion of resources alongside the change of organization firm into an organization and deal to an organization which is an issue identified with bookkeeping in restricted obligation association.

Deleted Topics in the CA Inter Syllabus May 2021

All the topics which are deleted from the CA Inter syllabus for May 2021 by the ICAI are mentioned below:

  1. Underwriting of shares and debentures.
  2. Valuation of goodwill.
  3. Application of Guidance Notes issued by the ICAI on specified accounting aspects.
  4. Financial Reporting of Insurance Companies and Mutual Funds and regulatory requirements thereof.


Subjects and the marks distribution of the CA Intermediate New Course are:


Paper Subject Section Marks Type
Paper 1 Accounting (100 Marks) Descriptive
Paper 2 Corporate Laws and Other Laws 70% Descriptive
30% Objective
Corporate Laws (60 Marks)
Other Laws (40 Marks)
Paper 3 Cost and Management Accounting (100 Marks) Descriptive
Paper 4 Taxation 70% Descriptive
30% Objective
Direct Tax Laws (60 Marks)
Indirect Tax Laws (40 Marks)
Paper 5 Advanced Accounting (100 Marks) Descriptive
Paper 6 Auditing and Assurance (100 Marks) 70% Descriptive
30% Objective
Paper 7 Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management 70% Descriptive
30% Objective
Enterprise Information System (50 Marks)
Strategic Management (50 Marks)
Paper 8 Financial Management and Economics for Finance Descriptive
Financial Management (60 Marks)
Economics for Finance (40 Marks)


CA Intermediate Syllabus For Paper 1– ACCOUNTING

Chapter Chapter Names
1 Process Of formulation Of Accounting Standards including Ind ASS (IFRS
converged standards) and IFRSs; convergence vs adoption; Objective and
concepts of carve-outs
2 Framework for Preparation and Presentation Of Financial Statements (as
per Accounting Standards)
3 Applications of Accounting Standards
4 Company Accounts
5 Accounting for Special Transactions
6 Special Type of Accounting


CA Intermediate Syllabus For Paper 2– CORPORATE AND OTHER LAWS

Part I: Corporate Law

Chapter Chapter Names
1 Preliminary
2 Incorporation of Company and Matterds Incidental thereto
3 Prospectus and Allotment of Secunt1es
4 Share Capital and Debentures
5 Acceptance of Deposits by Companies
6 Reg1strabon of Charges
7 Management andAdministration
8 Declarabon and Payment of Dividend
9 Accounts of Companies
10 Audit and  auditors


Part II: Other laws

Chapter              Chapter Names
1 The Contract Act,1872
2 The Negotiable Instruments Act,1881
3 The GeneralClauses Act, 1897
4 Interpretationof statutes


CA Intermediate Syllabus For Paper 3– COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING

Chapter                                   Chapter Names
1 Overview of Cost and Management Accounting
2 Ascerta inment of Cost and Cost Accounting System
3 Methods of Costing
4 Cost Control andAnalysis


CA Intermediate Syllabus For Paper 4– TAXATION

Part A– Income Tax Law

Chapter     Chapter Names
1                Basic Concepts
2 Residential Status and scope of total income
3 Incomes which do not form part of total income (other than charitable trusts   and institutions, political parties and electoral trusts)
4 Heads of income and provisions governing computation of income under different heads
5 The income of other persons included in assessee’s totalincome
6 Aggregation of income;set-off , or carry forward and set-off of losses
7 Deductions from gross total income
8 Computation of totalincome and tax liability of individuals
9 Advance tax, tax deduction at source and introduction to tax collection at         source



Part B– Indirect Taxes



Chapter Names
1 Concept of Indirect Taxes
2 Goods and Service Tax (GST) Laws


CA Intermediate Syllabus For Paper 5– ADVANCED ACCOUNTING


Chapter    Chapter Names
1 Application of Accounting Standards
2 SpecialAspects of Company Accounts
3 Reorganization and liquidation of Companies
4 Banking Companies and Non-Banking Financial Companies and regulatory
requirements thereof
5 Consolidated Financial Statements
6 Dissolution of partnership firms



CA Intermediate Syllabus For Paper 6– AUDITING AND ASSURANCE

Chapter Chapter Names
1 Nature,Objective, and Scope of Audit
2 Audit Strategy,Audit Planning, andAudit Programme
3 Audit Documentation and Audit Evidence
4 Risk Assessment and Internal Control
5 Fraud and Responsibilities of the Author in this Regard
6 Audit in an Automated Environment
7 Audit Sampling
8 Analytical Procedures
9 Audit of Items of FinancialStatements
10 The Company Audit
11 Audit report
12 Audit of Banks
13 Audit of Different Types of entities



Section A– Enterprise Information System

Chapter Chapter Names
1 Automated Business Processes
2 Financial andAccounting Systems
3 Information Systems and its Components
4 E-eommerce,M-eommerce and Emerging Technologies
5 Core Banking Systems


Section B–Strategic Management

Chapter              Chapter Names
1 Introductionto Strategic Management
2 Dynamics of Competitive Strategy
3 Strategy Management Process
4 Corporate LevelStrategies
5 Business LevelStrategies
6 Functional Level Strategies
7 Organization and Strategic Leadership
8 Strategy Implementation and Control




Part A– Financial Management

Chapter Chapter Names
1 FinancialManagement and FinancialAnalysis
2 Financing Decisions
3 CapitalInvestment and Dividend Decisions
4 Management of Working Capital


Part B– Economics for Finance

Chapter                      Chapter Names
1                                 Determination of National Income
2 Public Finance
3 The Money Market
4 InternationalTrade


Preparation Strategy to Score High in CA Intermediate

Everyone is confused about how to plan for the CA Intermediate assessment. Which is only 4 months away. At this moment it is an opportunity to leave everything back and center just on your examinations. You should know that to break the CA Intermediate assessment your score should be least 40% in each subject and half in total of the relative multitude of subjects. The whole schedule of CA Intermediate is divided into eight subjects and two gatherings. Presumably that everything is significant and you need to experience the whole course yet at the same time there are a few themes in each subject which are scoring and less tedious. Thus, in this article, we are sharing you the subject shrewd technique to get ready for CA transitional gathering first papers and in the following article we have covered CA halfway arrangement methodology for bunch 2 papers.

1) Study Plan for Accounting

Accountancy is considered as an extremely scoring subject in the CA Intermediate and CA IPCC. For the most part, understudies have seen to cover their total rate from the Accounting paper. You should consistently be refreshed with the changed timetables and set up your Balance Sheet from the reconsidered strategy for Accounting as organizations accounts are covering a decent weightage in your tests. It covers the points like Redemption of Preference Shares, debentures, Accounting for reward issue and right issue, administrative compensation, groundwork for Financial Statements, Cash Flow Statements and AS – 22 is likewise covered here. Bookkeeping Standards, considered as one of the most significant and least demanding subjects in your schedule just as the arrangement of IND AS and IFRS; ideas versus Adoption; goal and ideas of cut outs. Bookkeeping Standards covers 20 imprints in Accounting paper seeing the previous papers. Do the same number of inquiries as given in the training manual and remember to concentrate from the most recent and refreshed material. You will discover an inquiry identified with combination in your Accounting papers which lies between 8-16 imprints. Representing the Incomplete records and Partnership Accounts covers on a normal 8 denotes each. The inquiries are feasible and stepwise stamping is granted in normal and extensive inquiries. Recruit Purchase covers a normal of 5 imprints. In this way, it is encouraged to begin with Accounting Standards alongside IFRS and IND AS. Peruse the hypothesis from your compiler and understand the inquiries from the training manual and scanners. As we realize that training makes the man amazing accordingly you ought to fathom the same number of inquiries as you can.


2) Study Plan for Corporate and Other Laws

Corporate and Other Laws covers the two segments. One of them is organizations law and the subsequent one is different laws. Organization Law covers 60 imprints while the leftover part covers 40 imprints. The course is huge and needs an appropriate correction every now and then. Mental helpers in this subject assumes a pivotal part in recollecting the areas effectively and furthermore review them in tests. Organization Law covers a significant segment and furthermore scoring. Different Laws cover 40 stamps yet as much length as organization Law.

Possibly you are believing that you can without much of a stretch get a pass just with the organization law as it covers 60 stamps and leave different laws however don’t think to do this error.

As you realize that first inquiry in the paper is an obligatory inquiry and from the excess paper, you are permitted to leave one inquiry. The paper design is by all accounts like that you will discover a piece of each question from different laws which you can’t skip as it makes a negative impact on the analyst by which you won’t get passing 40 imprints in light of the fact that ICAI is anticipating that you should peruse the whole schedule.

Organizations Act 2013 is a material in your schedule covering Sections 1 to 148 alongside certain arrangements of Companies Act, 1956 are as yet in power.


3) Study Plan for Cost and Management Accounting

Costing is a fascinating subject and cherished by a large part of the understudies. Again, this is a useful subject and prior to explaining any inquiry your ideas should be clear.

Continuously start with the essential ideas and read the hypothesis well. Comprehend the equations since learning them can make disarray in the test. In any case, on the off chance that you comprehend them altogether, at that point you will never get confounded. Standard Costing is one of its models, simple for the understudies who comprehend the equations anyway unwieldy for the understudies who are occupied in learning them. Presently went to the Ascertainment of Cost and need should be given to the Material, Labor and Overhead since this is the center part to see every single section. ABC costing is basic and scoring. Every single technique for Accounting is significant yet Process and Contract Costing are viewed as very more significant so experience them quite well. Compromise of Financial Accounts with the Cost Accounts ought to likewise be appropriately done. Cost Control and Analysis covers 40% piece of your paper. Budgetary is the most basic section among them, Standard Costing depends on the recipes so get the order over it and this will likewise be the simplest part.


4) Study Plan for Taxation

Tax collection is partitioned among two areas one is Income Tax and the other one is Indirect Taxes. Annual Tax covers 60 imprints and Indirect Taxes covers 40 Marks. Tax collection paper is completely mixed in principle and down to earth partition. Completely plan calculation of Total Income and this is conceivable when your arrangements are clear. Other than the different heads, some case laws are normal from the TDS and TCS. Short inquiries are normal from the Basic Concepts and Residential Status. Derivations and convey forward of misfortunes by and large become the piece of absolute pay so remember to treat them in the calculation of Total Income. GST is itself significant and relevant from May 2018 assessments and onwards. Changes made up to 31st October will be appropriate to tests. Study Material gave by the ICAI with respect to GST is calculable. You can peruse the hypothesis from the investigation material and practice the inquiries from the training manual.


5) Tips to Crack CA Exams

Here are a portion of the tips that will assist competitors with breaking CA tests in a single endeavor. Applicants ought to follow all the tips.

  • Deal with your time-Candidates ought not squander their valuable energy via web-based media, staring at the television, spending time with companions, and so forth Understudies are informed to contribute more with respect to their time examining. CA applicant’s ought to at any rate burn through 3-4 hrs. day by day in investigations.
  • Every day study-candidates showing up for CA should do constant examination. Understudies should attempt to study for 10-11 hrs. consistently. Understudies ought to comprehend practice test paper and false test papers, this will assist understudies with finishing the course in the time span.
  • Self-assessment to check the amount you have arranged for your CA tests, understudies ought to do a self-assessment. For this, they ought to explain practice test papers and furthermore fathom mock test papers. After the assessment competitors should experience the themes where they need improvement.
  • Practice-students showing up for the CA test ought to do as much practice they can do. Understudies should acquaint with a wide range of inquiry. In the event that understudies do a most extreme act of the schedule they can definitely accomplish a decent score in the assessment.
  • Mock exams-students ought to unravel mock test papers. This is not an increment in the understudies’ information but it additionally assists them with keeping a composing speed. From mock test papers, understudies can evaluate themselves.


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