Shapes Space and Patterns – Class 4 Maths Worksheet

Posted on April 11th, 2021

Shape, Space and Patterns - Class 4 Maths Worksheet

Shapes Space and Patterns – Class 4 Maths Worksheet

School Online Class
School Online Class

Shapes Space and Patterns

In this class 4 maths worksheet, we have questions from “Shapes Space and Patterns”. This maths worksheet covers all important concepts from the chapter. It gives you an overall idea and covers all important formulae by applying them. This maths worksheet makes you exam-ready. By attempting this worksheet with time-bound will give you the best preparedness for the exam. In this worksheet, you have questions on different shapes.


Fill in the blanks


i. A polygon is named according to number of __________it has.

ii. Closed shapes formed only with straight lines are called _______________

iii. The length of the circle is called its ______________

iv. ______________ is twice the radius of the circle.

v. The instrument used to draw a circle is called _____________________

vi. The longest chord of the circle is _____________

vii. The diameter passes through the ______________of the circle.

viii. A polygon with three line segments is called a ___________________-

ix. Closed shapes are also called _______________________ .

x. A circle is named by its _________.

xi. A polygon with 4 sides is called a _____________________

xii. Shapes that fit in such a way that there are no gaps and they do not overlap are called ______________

xiii. When one half of the figure is exactly the same as the other half of the figure it is called ______________

xiv. The radius of a circle of diameter 12 cm is ______________________

xv. A ________________ is a special rectangle in which all 4 sides are equal.

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Shape worksheet - Maths
Shape worksheet

Write true or false


i. A triangle is a polygon. ( )

ii. All rectangles are quadrilaterals. ( )

iii. The radius of a circle is double the length of the diameter. ( )

iv. All the radii of a particular circle are of equal length. ( )

v. All closed curves form polygons. ( )

vi. The chord and radius of a circle meet at the centre of the circle. ( )

vii. A circle is a polygon. ( )



i. The diameter of a wheel is 86m. Find its radius?

ii. The radius of a circle is 16cm, and then what will be its diameter?

iii. Read the message and decode

A B C D E  F…………………… 2 4 6 8 10 12………………..

Then write the code for S C H O O L ——————————

maths worksheet class 4 shape
Shape worksheet


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Fill in the Blanks

i. Sides

ii. quadrilateral

iii. Circumference

iv. Diameter

v. Compass

vi. Diameter

vii. Centre

viii. Triangle

ix. Polygons

x. Center

xi. Quadrilateral

xii. Tessellation

xiii. Symmetrical

xiv. 6 cm

xv. Square

True or False

i. T

ii. T

iii. F

iv. T

v. T

vi. F

vii. F


i. Radius = Diameter/2 = 43 cm

ii. Diameter = Radius x 2 = 32 cm

iii. 38   6  16  30  30  24

vi. Centre – O

Radius – OP, OQ, OS

Diameter – PQ

Chord – PQ , XY


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